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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

aerialPLOT is a powerful, web-based data management and analytics platform built for efficiency

Tired of emails, excel files, and delays getting to your results?  We can do better.  Get automated emails with links directly to data dashboards.  Print a pdf report and analyze your results mid-season, with on-the-fly statistics, and data visualizations.

With our aerialFLIGHT turnkey data capture and image analytics, you will have access to real time crop responses (within 2 weeks of flights).  Your data is securely managed, and can be viewed from any web browser. 

Contact us today to learn more about our growth curve analytics, as well as our robust data summary dashboards (including multi-location trial aggregation).

heat map.png

Correlation Charts

See firsthand which metrics track together, including final yield correlations. 

High-resolution imagery

Reduce unnecessary travel, and don't miss any key events.  Virtual plot visits allow you to see the trends in each trial remotely.  Be strategic about your travel, sampling, and grower visits.

box whisker.png

Box-whisker plots with statistics

Get a live summary of treatment performance.  Run your favorite mean comparison posthoc tests.

Heat maps

Easily identify field effects and data trends with heat map analysis.

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