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Manual data collection is inefficient, imprecise, and static

Get accurate and dynamic insights with full season aerial imagery and analytics by aerialPLOT 

Leverage our validated platform for data-driven insights delivered to you in real time, and get a complete picture of crop dynamics for better R&D and marketing

An integrated approach to field research 

A turnkey offering for success where others have failed

Aerial imagery has enormous potential, yet many companies fail to understand how to use this information to deliver real value for new product development.  aerialPLOT has evolved from 5 years of careful method development, proof-of-concept validation, and practical use in agricultural field research. We are now ready to launch the platform to the industry for row crop trials in 2021, offering a step-change in the access of high value information and operational efficiency around data collection and management.

Whether you are focused on small plot research to evaluate product efficacy, breeding programs, GMO trait development, or grower-scale farm experiments, don't accept the status quo.  We can maximize your investments and equip your agronomists with tools to be successful and focus on actionable rather than anecdotal data.




Image satellite of the presence crops an
Aerial image of agricultural test plots

Strong Partnerships in Field Trial Execution and Industrial Cloud-Based Automation

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Agricultural Expertise

Research Plots & On-Farm Trials


Soil Health



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Quality Field Research

Buckeye Ag Testing has delivered high quality data for the ag industry since 2004


Automation Expertise

Cloud-Based Processing

Image Analytics

Practical ML/AI Integration

API Development

Enterprise Solutions


Technology Expertise

RoviSys has been a leader in automation and information solutions since 1989

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