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A validated, turnkey platform for agricultural research


Aerial data collection & analytics:


  • Validated standard operating procedures

  • Standardized, state-of-the-art equipment

  • Radiometric calibration

  • Accurate data collection

  • Streamlined data delivery

  • Full growing season aerial data – don’t miss anything

Visualize & manage crop metrics

  • Emergent vigor

  • Plant health

  • Canopy growth

  • Plant height

  • Stand counts

  • Stress/Fertility response

  • Senescence and maturity ratings

Advanced Analytics for Agriculture

With over 5 years of experience integrating aerial data in field studies, we understand how to leverage data to specifically address the needs of agricultural product development.  

Plot-based measurements automatically extracted & compiled, with live statistics 

Improved accuracy

Reduce your dependency on manual, subjective ratings. 

Often these evaluations are costly, difficult to standardize, and are inadequate for measuring many product categories (emergent plant health mediators, biostimulants, stress mitigation, and pest management).   

Vigor vs aNDVI.png

Real time crop response &

rate-of-change assessments

The scalability and sensitivity of data captured with drones opens up new ways of evaluating crop metrics.  See the crop respond in real time before an after a product application. Confidently quantify subtle differences resulting from bioefficacy products.  Trials are costly--time course datasets ensure you don't miss anything.

Quality Control & Accountability

  • Directly monitor seasonal effects & overall trial quality

  • Ensure consistent field maintenance

  • Identify field effects and trial placement issues

  • Exclude bad data points for real reasons (without cherry-picking)

  • Replace and/or supplement in-person visits

  • Equip your agronomists and data analysts with tools to understand trial results

  • aerialPLOT is developing machine learning algorithms to flag these issues automatically

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